VIP and Dignitary Services

North Texas Dignitary Escort is frequently called upon to provide Motorcycle Escort services for high profile clientelle. Whether it be visiting entertainers, foreign diplomats, sports teams or corporate events, the presence of uniformed, professional motorcycle escorts provides safety as well as a long lasting visual impression.

For more than 25 years, officers of North Texas Dignitary Escort have provided motorcycle escort services for sports teams at the national and collegiate levels. Providing service for professional sports teams requires  a great trust between the organization and the service provider.  In addition to assisting in gameday travel, our officers have been called upon for special team activities ranging from promotional events to funeral services for fallen players.


To be repeatedly entrusted with the safety of not only the sports teams, but the team owners as well is a testament to the abilities and professionalism of North Texas Dignitary Escort.  (CLICK on the photo to view some of the organizations for which we have provided services)



When top entertainers find themselves in the North Texas area, they call upon North Texas Dignitary Escort . Services often include travel to and from their events but often are expanded to include our presence anytime vehicular movement is necessary. Often, entertainers will secure our VIP Unit to accompany them as a precaution against unexpected circumstances. In these cases, officers of our VIP Unit will be near the primary vehicle in an unobstrusive manner. In the event of developing traffic issues, our officers move in, address and resolve the issue before returning to the unobtrusive position of readiness.  Many well known entertainers request North Texas Dignitary Escort and several often request officers by name.  (CLICK on the photo to view some of the entertainers for which we have provided services)

Jimmy Buffett


North Texas Dignitary Escort is frequently called upon to assist corporate clients. We have been involved in promotional events to introduce new products (at left) or recognition events to highlight individuals or groups. The presence of professional, uniformed motorcycle officers enhances safety but also provides an incredible and lasting visual impression for your employees and clients. (CLICK on the photo to view some of our corporate clients)

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