Services for Funerals

Highly trained motorcycle escort officers guide your funeral procession through traffic congestion to assure the most seamless transition from chapel to burial site. Uniformed motorcycle escorts will enhance the safety of your motorcade.


Our officers receive training in traffic control from current and former law enforcement officers to provide safety and effectiveness at intersections or other traffic merge areas.

At North Texas Dignitary Escort, appearance is equally as important as ability. Our officers understand the emotions present at the loss of a loved one. North Texas Dignitary Escort will never provide a motorcycle or an officer whose presence would prove to be an embarrassment for either the family, the funeral director or our organization. We are proud of our profession and our reputation.

Funeral Services today frequently involve more customized activities. These cases often involve even more interaction with other motorists than a standard funeral procession. Such cases require more consideration for the safety elements involved.

People frequently ask why motorcycle escorts are used for processions. The answer is extremely simple ... SAFETY. Safety for the particpants in the procession as well as safety for the surrounding traffic.


Simply stated, the vast majority of drivers are not paying attention for funeral processions. Motorcycle escorts provide a VISUAL AND AUDIBLE warning  for surrounding traffic. Additionally, TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED escort officers evaluate developing traffic concerns and adjust the movement of the procession accordingly.  The escort officers can see the procession in ways the funeral directors can not see from the lead position.


Once the funeral coach has passed any given location, the traffic in that area has no further indication the passing cars are involved in a funeral procession. An adequate number of motorcycle escorts reinforce awareness to the presence of a funeral procession in the eyes of surrounding traffic.


North Texas Dignitary Escort was recently requested  for professional consultation in a legal matter from the State of New Mexico.  This request was based on recognized expertise in motorcycle escort activities and procedures.  We were happy to be of assistance.

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