Why do I need an escort?


One word ..... SAFETY !   In the case of funerals, you must bear in mind you have a large number of vehicles all trying to get from the same place to a different place at the same time. Now add the factor that most of the drivers in the procession are emotionally involved to varying degrees due to the circumstances of the funeral. Now add the factor that a great many of the participants in the procession DO NOT know where they are going. Many are not from the immediate area and many of those who are local may be unfamiliar with the route or the cemetery.


Escorts aid in maintaining the integrity of the procession as well as providing visual and audible warning for other traffic. Escorts assist in keeping the procession together through intersections and other traffic disruptions. In the event the procession IS disrupted, escorts can reassemble the procession with minimal delay.



A few of the common questions we hear ...



Why do I need more than two escorts?


We are often asked "Why do we need more than one or two motorcycles? We are only going a couple of miles." It's not about the distance as much as it is about the presence of hazards IN that distance. When selecting the number of escorts, people often overlook such factors as number of intersections to be traversed, size of intersections to be traversed, normal traffic patterns at the time of the procession (school zones, lunch traffic, construction detours, special events, rail traffic, etc). Another factor is the number of vehicles in the procession. In the DFW area, two motorcycles can effectively manage 20-30 vehicles in a procession depending on the route considerations. As the number of participants increases, so should the number of escortd. Most often, escorts face far more vehicles in the procession that the recommeded ratio and that dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the escorts, thus increasing the risk to the escort officers, the procession and the surrounding traffic.  When planning a procession, you should discuss the route plan with your escort provider BEFORE the plans are finalized.







I am joining the procession to the cemetery. What do I do?


First and foremost, pay attention. Pay attention to the other drivers in the procession, the other traffic on the road and by all means, pay attention to the motorcycle escort. DO NOT BE CONVERSING ON A CELL PHONE OR TEXTING while driving in a procession. Even a momentary distraction can have disastrous results.


If you are participating in a procession, activate your headlights AND hazard lights (emergency flashers) before beginning the procession. The hazard light help differentiate a procession from a non-involved vehicle with daytime running lights. Once the procession commences, DO NOT exit the procession unless there is an emergency. Remember, there are motorcycles traveling alongside the procession and an unexpected departure from the procession could cause a serious collision and injury.


If another driver cuts into the procession, notify one of the passing motor escort officers and they will make every effort to remove the intruder. This is more than a courtesy. If someone who doesn't belong enters a procession, there will be a time when that person chooses to leave the procession. This usually occurs as one of the motorcycle officers is riding alongside and frequently results in an injury collision. No one wants that ... especially the escort officer on the motorcycle.

Since we have escorts, how fast will we be going?


Many people have the misconception that motor escorts are about speed. Motorcycles have the advantage because they are more maneuverable than a car or truck. An escorted procession will travel at or below the posted speed limit which alllows the escort to create an unobstructed pathway. By not stopping and starting repeatedly, the procession can travel at a lesser speed yet arrive at the destination ahead of those traveling without the escort.

I need security for an upcoming event. Are you available?


North Texas DignitaryEscort IS NOT a security company and does not perform security functions. We are a motorcycle escort company and our focus is safety.



What are you going to do if I ignore the procession?


Although private escort companies have no enforcement authority, the majority of our staff is off-duty law enforcement representing a wide variety of agencies ranging from local municipalities to federal agencies. Wouldn't it make more sense to take a few moments out of your busy day to show some respect for a grieving family instead of challenging a motorcycle escort officer just to see if he will detain you? You just never know which one IS and which one ISN'T.


Besides ....... If it was YOUR family member who passed away, wouldn't you expect others to respect your loss and honor your loved one by yielding the road so the procession may pass safely ?



How do I become a rider for North Texas Dignitary Escort?


We are always seeking experienced and qualified riders however, a large number of riders do not qualify for our organization. Often we must reject life-long motorcycle riders because the tactical riding skills and critical incident assessment skills simply aren't there. It is purely a matter of safety. We want our riders to provide the safest possible environment for our clients, while retaining constant vigil on their own safety as well.


The vast majority of our officers are off duty or retired law enforcement professionals. Although law enforcement experience is not a prerequisite, public safety professionals bring a special skill set to our organization.  This allows us to present the best quality riders to our clients.  If you feel you could meet our challenges, please click the button to apply. We look forward to visiting with you and assessing your abilities and potential.


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